Social Display

Use content created from your social networks and get maximum value from it.

Let our James create a Social Display banner for you, it’s completely automated and immediately available.

How does James work?

1. Scans the page and loads the content for the selected period.

2. Transfers the content into the creative.

3. Activates targeted campaigns.

The benefits that James brings:

Maximum impact

You get the opportunity to reach users, not only within a given social network.

No fees

The creation of Social display banner is free of charge.


Extensive targeting options are available in the Etarget system and, of course, retargeting.

Saves your time

 Full automation of the creation of Social display creatives does not require further modifications.


All interactions of the generated creative are measurable. It is possible to implement third-party tracking codes.

No additional costs

By using the content of social networks, there are no additional production costs.


How does James make a creative ?

Diversity of contributions

It doesn´t  matter how you create the content. We can help you with pictures, blogs and even videos.

Text lenght

Detects and adjusts the lenght of text in the creative.

Interaction support

Instead of the classic CTA button, it uses an interaction bar from the social network..


The click always leads to a specific post.

Multiple posts

All posts added in the last week will be included in one creative.


Size of the image or video fits into the banner automatically.

How can James target?

It uses all available forms of targeting to reach your target audience.

Social Demographic








Where will James show your ads?

It will use the potential of programmatic buying and select from thousands of available websites, both mobile and desktop, which will most effectively reach the target group. All content verticals are represented.

Who has already used James services?

Do you want a demo?

We will be happy to advise and compile your creative, just fill in the basic data.

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